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Captain Jim's Award-Winning Snook Alley Fly

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Hook -- Standard length No. 2, 4 or 6

Thread -- White Monocord or 6/0

Wing -- Blonde or white craft fur, fly fur or similar. Green and black Crystal Flash.

Body -- Silver Mylar rib, 40lb. test monofilament.

Eyes -- Yellow and black lacquer.

Tying Sequence
Step 1 -- Wind a thread base from eye to top of bend and back. Tie in a length of 40-pound mono along hook shank leaving sufficient length to wind forward to hook eye. Tie in silver Mylar rib just behind hook eye, wind to bend and back, tie down just behind eye, trim excess.

Step 2 -- Wrap mono forward over Mylar and tie down just behind hook eye.

Step 3 -- Tie 1 -- 2 inch length of Craft Fur (depending on hook size) to topside and underside of hook.

Step 4 -- Tie in a sparse layer of green Krystal Flash, followed by a few strands of black Krystal Flash as a topping.

Step 5 -- Build up the thread head, then paint eyes with yellow and black paint.